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nutrition final - can someone add the link for the 3rd...

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Unformatted text preview: can someone add the link for the 3rd nutrition document please? Answers in red are what the TA told us to know for each answer. (from TA review): much of the older material will be case studies/... Why are some of these highlighted? The ones highlighted are most important in terms of number of questions/points on the test. 11 through 15 are most important. CHAPTER 1 - 1 CHAPTER 2 - 6 CHAPTER 3 - 1= CHAPTER 4 - 3 CHAPTER 5 - 7 CHAPTER 6 - 3 CHAPTER 7- 6 CHAPTER 8 - 5 CHAPTER 9 - 3 CHAPTER 10 - 3 CHAPTER 11 – 17 questions CHAPTER 12 – 12 questions CHAPTER 13 – 16 questions CHAPTER 14 – 11 questions CHAPTER 15 – 6 questions (TA Review: Calculate nutrient density (take calories per serving, divide by 2,000. Then times that answer by 100 - ( easier way: move decimal spot over one to the left - divide by two. ex: 140 calories/serving = 14.0/2 = 7. Anything greater than 7% is nutrient rich for that food) High: 20% or more of the Daily Value per serving Good: 10 to 19% of the DV per serving ) protein requirements (take weight and divide by 2.2 and then times .8 g/kcal) AMDR= (carbs: 45-65%, protein: 10-35%, fat: 20-35%) 7 kcal per gram in alcohol 9 kcal per gram in fat 4 kcal per gram in carbs, protein Be able to read: DRI charts, BMI chart, Growth chart. Memorize: Lipid profiles (pg. 416), hypertension ranges, 2400 calorie food guide recommendations on pg 44 table 2-2. For Vitamins and Minerals: Know food sources. You’ll be given people’s diets and you need to know which vitamins/minerals are in their diet based on the food they eat. The majority of questions will come from Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B12, Calcium and Iron.) (For those who went to the TA review, are you sure these are the only vitamins and minerals we will be tested on???-no, others might be included. hence, the word “majority”) Questions on the Final Exam from Chapters 11-15 (about 60 questions) Some questions cover information from more than one objective. For example, one question might include concepts from Objectives 3 and 5 in a Chapter – that question is counted only once in a chapter. Questions on the Final Exam from Chapters 1-10 (about 40 questions) Refer to posted study guides from previous exams, and ask yourself, “What information is probably important to remember 5 years from now?” Questions about that lasting kind of information are most likely to appear on the exam. There is a question about recommended amounts from MyPyramid, a question on nutrient density from a food label, and several questions about recognizing food sources of major nutrients we have emphasized in the course....
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nutrition final - can someone add the link for the 3rd...

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