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Sheet1 A B C D E 1 vitamins sources function deficiencies Toxicity 2 a orange fruits - vegs. - beta carrotine vision - epithilial growth- bone growth - gene exression blindness - mipared bone growth birth defects - yellow skin *most severe toxicity 3 d milk (fortifyed - sunlight mineralization of bones and teeth rickets:child and osteomalacia:adults calcification of soft tissue 4 e oils antioxidant RBC (red blood cell) breakage - nerve damage raises effects of anticlotting meals 5 k intestinal bacteria sythesis of blood clotting protein hemorrage opposes anti clotting medicine 6 c citrus fruits collagen synthesis scurvy G.I. disconfort 7 thiamin Enriched/whole grains coenzyme active in energy methabolism beriberi none 8 riboflavi n Enriched grains -
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Unformatted text preview: Milk products coenzyme active in energy methabolism cracks/redness at mouth none 9 niacin Enriched grains- protein containing tryptophan coenzyme active in energy methabolism Pellegra: 4 D's: diarrhea, dimentia, dermatitus, death rashes 10 folate leafy green vegs. - enriched cerials part of coenzyme for new cell synthesis Neural tube deffects- anemia - pregnant moms need it masks B12 deficiency 11 B12 only animal foods (vegan's concern) Maintains nerve cells- coenzyme for new cells -helps w/ cell synthesis - DNA regulation nerve degeneration- anemia (Permissious) 12 B6 don't worry about it (variety) coenzyme active in energy methabolism anemia nerve damage...
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