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Dr Chad Swanson

Dr Chad Swanson - Dr Mark Christenson-Dr Christenson is an...

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Dr. Mark Christenson-- Dr. Christenson is an M.D. Hospitalist. This type of job is not heard of very much in the medical field and is a nearly new position that is available. To start off he kind of described his job a bit to us. What it sounded like is he mostly goes through admission processes to help things run smoother. Although he is still able to do a lot of the doctor stuff to know where to place people and diagnose them. Then he talked about the medical school application process. He emphasized to apply early; if you apply early there is a much greater chance to get accepted to medical school because they start checking the applications early on. He also said to “find your passion” he wanted us all to think of a passion and get busy with it. I would have to say I really do have a passion to help others. There seriously is nothing better than seeing the reactions of other after you have helped them through a hard time. Even being able to help others without them knowing about it is still a great reward. Also it is a good idea to plan a year in advance for you letters of
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