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Dr. Brent Ward We had the lucky opportunity of getting to hear from an oral surgeon. Which is an in between a doctor and a dentist. To start off he gave us a lot of insight on being a pre- med college student. He first said to forget all of the comparison of who is smarter, that means nothing. Pointing out that steadiness is better than brilliance. This hit home for me because that is how I feel a lot of the time. I will have to work 3 times as hard but just keeping steady and hopefully the day will come. He said don’t let the MCAT intimidate you, just study hard for it. And be sure to get your applications in early. And after any interviews be sure to send immediate thank you letters as soon as possible. And if you don’t get accepted its ok, we will still be able to thrive. There will be many people that are smarter that wont get accepted.
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Unformatted text preview: Then he went into some trauma surgery schedule. It is a hard schedule but it is very important, so do you best to stay awake, alert, and do other peoples jobs also. For the specialties we are wanting to go into, we will be taking exams throughout medical school and our exams will be compared to everyone in med school so we have to do really good. Dr. ward showed us a lot of his surgeries that he has gone through. He made sure to point out that all of this is because of his love to help people. To make a change in someone’s life. Dr. Ward put his lecture together very well. Most of his lecture he always found a way to show how the Lord has always been a part in his life and has been there to construct him. To get where he is today was only possible because of the Lord....
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