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stdev139 paper1 - Nolan Bradshaw Stdev 139 Career...

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Nolan Bradshaw Stdev 139 Career Exploration Paper #1 Radiology Radiology is the branch of science where physicians and or scientists use “ state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging” to study the inside of the human body ( It is in other words the study of images. To be a Radiologist means you are an “imaging expert” ( Radiologists use a collection of imaging technologies to assist with their imaging diagnosis. Just some of these are the ultrasound, nuclear medicine and magnetic resonance imaging, which many of us know as MRI. The images or radiographs are produced by the conduction of x-rays that go through a patient aimed in the area of study and then converted into an image available for diagnosis. The most common images are the silver impregnated films that make for easy examination with the background of light. Another common way radiographs are produced is by Fluoroscopy. Fluoroscopy uses radio contrast agents that are injected into the body of the patient to highlight anatomy and detailed parts of the body. Using the agents with a fluorescent screen and an image intensifier, that is connected to a television, allow the Radiologists to have a “real time imaging” of structures in the body ( They can have the body in motion and have it all displayed on a screen to be able to find a diagnosis easier. Ultrasound is way to visualize some tissue structures in the body using high frequency
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stdev139 paper1 - Nolan Bradshaw Stdev 139 Career...

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