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From this last lecture I have learned a great deal. Before coming to the lecture I did not know the difference between an M.D or a D.O. or an allopathic and an osteopathic Dr. I was able to learn a reasonable amount to realize they are very similar. They just might be taught at a different school and learn in a different way, but they still end up with the same result. But hearing about it if I was to go into medical school I think I would like to go to a D.O school just for the extra side and way of thinking. I was also able to learn more about being prepared for medical school. It does not matter what major you choose for med school, they just want you to choose one that you are interested in so you will do well in it. But it is important to also try and choose one that will help you prepare well for the school. Some of the prereqs are many chemistry classes, including general and organic. Biology and physics will also play a major role in preparing for the MCAT.
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Unformatted text preview: The application process is where I learned the most. For allopathic there is the AMCAS, and for osteopathic there is the AACOMAS. These are the primary application and will go to all the schools you want to apply for. After a school has received your primary application they will contact you if they want more information and you will send them the secondary application. The term “rolling admissions” was very important, I had no idea it mattered when you put your application in. I will definitely try and put it in as soon as possible. Some other important information to keep in mind for preparing is GPA, shadowing experience, research time, service opportunity, and leadership. All these play a huge role in preparing for medical school. These are things I would need to be doing now and until I am accepted....
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