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Unformatted text preview: Final Project Due Date: By the start of the final exam, 8pm, May 10th, 2011. Please turn in a paper copy to me at the beginning of the final, or before that to my mailbox on the third floor of the Psychology building on Busch campus. Length: 7-10 pages. This includes references but does not include a cover page. Specifications: 1 inch margins. Times New Roman or Courier New 12 point font, double spaced. All references must be cited in the body of the paper and listed in the references section. Any type of reference format is fine, just please try to be consistent. Content: This final project is intended to allow you to investigate the current advertising strategy of a large national or local product or service, and to critically evaluate the overall marketing plan for that brand. You then will suggest improvements to the marketing plan for the brand. The following paragraphs outline the required content of the paper. The questions are just suggestions to get you thinking, you do not need to answer all, or even any, of them specifically. Required Sections: 1. Introduction In one to two paragraphs outline what you will discuss in the rest of the paper. Describe the product or service you have chosen, including any information about the brand that you believe is relevant to your paper. 2. Current marketing In this section you should describe the current marketing of the brand you have chosen. Contemplate all types of marketing, including print, online, and television ads. Please do your best to find all the current marketing, but do not obsess about it. Why does this type of marketing seem appropriate or inappropriate for the brand? 3. Market segments and demographics Describe the market segments that you believe the current marketing strategies are aimed at. Is all the marketing aimed at one segment or are their multiple campaigns? What are the likely demographics of these market segments? 4. Improved marketing How could you improve the marketing of this brand? Is there another market segment that you think the brand should go after? Please describe in reasonable detail how you would improve the marketing of this product or service. Does the marketing need to be better integrated? Why do you believe your proposed marketing would be effective? Are there any potential downsides to your plan? 5. Budget Lay out a proposed budget for the marketing you suggested in the previous section. This does not have to be 100% accurate but please do your best to make it in the right ballpark (e.g. If you suggested a Super Bowl advertisement do not budget $1,000 for it). The internet can help you with this, please just provide as much information as you reasonably can. 6. Summary and Conclusion In one to two paragraphs summarize your plan and explain how you think it could benefit the product or service you choose. Will the costs of the new advertising program outweigh the benefits? You may wish to contemplate how many additional units you believe you could sell, and how much additional revenue that could be expected to bring in. 7. References Please include at least 3 references. This can be anything (book, magazine, internet, journal, etc.), and should reflect wherever you found your information. ...
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