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extra credit_Sunny Lee - Purpose of our research With the...

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Purpose of our research: With the emergence of social-media tools such as Facebook, Blogger and Twitter, governments are now ostensibly capable of involving citizens more fully in policy- making. Following on President Obama’s election-campaign promise, the Administration in late 2009 announced a plan to expand the availability of Internet tools and social media on government websites, to create more open and transparent government, and promote citizen participation in government decision-making. This research aims to analyze the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities created when using the Internet and social media tools to promote citizen participation in government policy making. We would like to address questions such as: - Is this new social media directive really intended as a two-way channel for conversation or just another avenue for government information delivery? - How laborious and frustrating is the task of searching for relevant information on the web (to a casual and inexperienced Internet user)?
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