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Extra Credit Assignment: Memos Regarding Change Study Dear Student Thank you for helping us with our research project! We are handing out two survey questionnaires for you to give to any adult who fits into the following criteria: a. Has at least three years of full time work experience b. 21 years of age or older c. Not a Rutgers employee After the participants complete the questionnaire, they have to seal it in the provided envelope, write their name and contact information on the envelope sheet (so we may contact them to verify that they were the ones who completed it) along with your name and contact information. They have to hand over this envelope to you.
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Unformatted text preview: Please return the sealed envelope to Vaibhavi Kulkarni in class by Wednesday, March 24, 2010. We may contact the participant through phone or email to verify that they are the ones who have filled in the survey. After the verification process, you will get extra credit points helping us with this study. Please remember that you will not get any extra credit points if the verification information on the envelope sheet is not filled out. If you have any questions about this extra credit assignment, you can contact Vaibhavi Kulkarni at [email protected] or Dr Laurie Lewis at [email protected] . Enjoy the spring break!...
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