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precis assignment_Gibbs - COMM 200: PRECIS ASSIGNMENT The...

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COMM 200: PRECIS ASSIGNMENT The goal of these papers is to summarize and to provide insight into a theory described in the West and Turner text. Being able to discern the main points and implications of particular theories will be an important skill to develop as you continue in the major. GUIDELINES Your final draft should be two paragraphs and no more than one double-spaced typed page (normal 1 inch margins and 12 point font, please). Papers that exceed one page in length will be penalized 3 points. Paragraph #1 should describe the theory you are reviewing: ** Begin with a sentence that identifies the general focus of the theory. In other words, identify the phenomenon that the theory seeks to explain. ** The remainder of the first paragraph should identify the theory's major points or arguments. For example, identify the claims the theory is making or the assumptions being advanced. In addition, you should identify the primary variables or key terms that a theorist examines, and summarize the relationship between those variables, according to the theory. ** This paragraph is descriptive in nature. In other words, provide enough information to present the basic framework of the theory and all important parts; you should not evaluate the theory. Paragraph #2 should identify what you consider to be the implications of the theory:
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precis assignment_Gibbs - COMM 200: PRECIS ASSIGNMENT The...

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