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Syllabus Spring 10_Gibbs

Syllabus Spring 10_Gibbs - COMMUNICATION THEORY COMM 200...

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COMMUNICATION THEORY COMM 200 – SPRING 2010 Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Gibbs Office Phone: (732) 932-7500 x 8136 Class Time: M-W 5:00-6:20 pm Email: [email protected] Class Room: Beck Hall Auditorium (LIV) Office: SC&I 205 Office Hours: M-W 3-4 and by appt. Mailbox: SC&I 3 rd floor mailroom Teaching Assistants and Tutors: Roi Estlein (TA) Vaibhavi Kulkarni (TA) Brittney Lier (Tutor) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] SC&I Annex, Room 301 SC&I Annex, Room 305 Au Bon Pain 732-932-7500 x8020 Office Hours: T 11-1 Office Hours: T 2:30-3:30 Office Hours: T 10:30-11:30, Th 3-4 Course Overview This course examines concepts and contexts related to the study of human communication. First, we will study basic elements in the communication process. Then we will review communication as it occurs in the context of interpersonal relationships, small groups, organizations, media, and intercultural interactions. Several theories in each area of the communication discipline will be covered. Through the readings, lectures, discussions, and writing assignments planned for this course, you should come to better understand the process of human communication and see it applied in your daily interactions and activities. Course Objectives As a core requirement for the communication major, this course aims to accomplish several learning objectives to prepare you for classes you will take later in the major. By the end of the semester, you should be able to demonstrate: Understanding of fundamental communication perspectives, theories, and concepts Ability to use communication theories and concepts to analyze human behavior Proficiency in gathering and using evidence to study and understand communication processes and consequences Competency in written communication for the social sciences Ability to apply communication theories and concepts to social and professional life We will draw on a variety of learning techniques to achieve these goals, including lecture; video clips and examples; classroom discussion, polls, quizzes, and activities; exams, and papers. Required Text West, R., & Turner, L. H. (2009). Introducing communication theory: Analysis and application (4 th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill. 1
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Course Websites A course website has been set up in Sakai to help us keep in communication as a class throughout the semester. You are responsible for any information (e.g., announcements, exam tips, schedule changes) that I post to the website. The email address you have listed with the university will be automatically subscribed to the listserv. Please be sure to check this email address regularly for announcements. To access the course website, go to http://sakai.rutgers.edu and login using your NetId and password. Click on the tab above with our course number.
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Syllabus Spring 10_Gibbs - COMMUNICATION THEORY COMM 200...

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