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Poster+Project_1_ - • Have a balance between text and...

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Poster Project Convey a message clearly and back it up with text and images. Poster must be 24 x 36 – include: o Title with names of group participants o Introduction – identify issue, define it and give background o Purpose –significance of project and your approach o Data – label it and present in a graphic form o Discussion – importance of your findings o References – give references in proper citation format. Remember to put anyone else’s words you quote in quotation marks and give a reference to the source. Make the layout logical to make your point. Use at least 12 slides to illustrate your project. Photographs and quotations add “punch” to your presentation.
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Unformatted text preview: • Have a balance between text and graphics. • Use color well. Be consistent in using it as background for images or graphs. • Use a clear legible font for titles and texts / captions / quotations. • Use bulleted lists or other formats easy for the casual viewer to follow. • Take it to the assigned space and stay there to answer questions. • Have a handout to distribute. Document nature and content of each slide. • Have someone else review the poster before you submit it. • Bring a waterproof cover for the poster in case of rain. Bring extra tape or glue, scissors, tacks or pins. • Be ready to discuss the poster with others....
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