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Globalization in Historical Perspective Syllabus - SAS...

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SAS Honors Program Interdisciplinary Seminar: Globalization in Historical Perspective Michael D. Bordo Fall 2008 This Course is a seminar course. All students are expected to do the readings before the course . One student will lead the discussion on the subject as will I. We will also have possibly three outside speakers. In addition to the seminar discussion, each student will be required to write a research paper on a topic which interests them. The paper should be no longer than 25 pages double spaced. The topics chosen should be cleared with me beforehand. The grading for the course will be based 40% on the paper;40% on a take home final examination; and 20% on class participation. Textbooks( Required) A.G. Kenwood and A.L.Lougheed. The Growth of the International Economy 1820 – 2000. Fourth Edition . Routledge 2000. Robert C. Feenstra and Alan M. Taylor. International Economics. Worth 2007 Additional texts ( Not Required). James Foreman Peck. A History of the World Economy: International Economic Relations Since 1850. Second Edition. Harvester Wheatsheaf. 1995 Rondo Cameron and Larry Neal. A Concise Economic History of the World ; from Paleolithic Times to the Present. Fourth Edition. Oxford University Press. 2003 Articles on the reading list if possible will be placed on the course’s website on Sakai
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Schedule of Seminars and Readings Week 1 September 4. Organization of the Course Week 2. September 11. Globalization in Historical Perspective: Overview. Readings: Michael Bordo “ Globalization in Historical Perspective” Business Economics 2002 ( ) Michael Bordo “Globalization in Historical Perspective” Annex to IMF World Economic Outlook. May 1997 pp 112-116. (
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Globalization in Historical Perspective Syllabus - SAS...

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