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Essays: Suggested Topics Any topic relevant to Globalization in Historical Perspective. The following is suggestive. 1.Does Globalization contribute to peace or war? 2. What is the relationship between globalization and financial crises? 3. What is the Relationship between globalization and exchange rate regimes? 4. Great Britain and the First era of Globalization. 5. France and the First Era of Globalization 6. The U.S. and the Second Era of Globalization
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Globalization and Protection 8. Globalization and mass migration. 9. Globalization and Poverty 10. China and globalization 11. India and globalization 12. Russia and globalization 13. Globalization and the Distribution of Income. 14. Globalization and Culture 15. Globalization and the Family 16. Globalization and Religion 17. Globalization and the Environment...
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