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CS170 – FALL 2008 1 RUTGERS THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY RUTGERS THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY Department of Computer Science Department of Computer Science Due to ongoing construction projects in the New Brunswick-Piscataway area, students are advised to avoid scheduling back-to-back classes on different campuses. For current information, visit http://route18update.rutgers.edu/ CS170 - Computer Applications for Business FALL 2008 Welcome to Computer Applications for Business. This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of information technology, with an emphasis on business applications. The course examines computer hardware and software, networking technology concepts, and gives you hands-on experience with applications in presentation software, electronic spreadsheet, webpage design, and programming applications for problem solving using JavaScript. No prior experience in using a computer is needed--this course is intended for beginners. Computer Applications for Business (01:198:170) meets for three fifty-five minute periods a week, two lectures and one recitation. The lectures are presented by your instructor. A teaching assistant (TA) will meet with you during recitation. New material is presented in lecture. Recitations are used to review class material; return and review assignments and exams; and answer questions related to lecture, software assignments, programming, etc. Questions are always welcome in lecture, but many students find it more comfortable to ask questions in a small group setting like recitation. Recitations meet in the computer labs for the entire semester. The location of the lab will be announced in lecture and recitation and posted to Sakai. You are expected to attend lecture and recitation . Computer Applications for Business requires students to answer a quiz nearly each week in class. These quizzes will serve as a review for material covered in lectures and will occasionally be counted towards the grade. Additionally, the course requires a considerable amount of computer work, which you must complete on your own time. All assignments are hands-on. As a general rule, you should expect to complete one assignment each week throughout the semester and schedule four to six hours per week in the computer lab. If you prefer to complete your assignments using your own computer, speak with your instructor to be sure you have the correct software. This course will use Sakai, an online class management tool. Students enrolled for this class should log in to Sakai using their Rutgers netid. https://sakai.rutgers.edu/portal Note: Enrollment in CS170 is restricted to pre-business majors (curriculum code 006) and Environmental and Business Economics majors (curriculum code 373). Students other than 006 and 373 majors should register for CS110 - Introduction to Computers and Applications (01:198:110). Computer science majors cannot register for this course; if you are a computer science major
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fall08-syllabus170 - RUTGER S THE STATE UN IVER SITY OF N...

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