Biomech-Syllabus-Fall 2011

Biomech-Syllabus-Fall 2011 - 14:125:208 Introduction to...

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14:125:208 Introduction to Biomechanics Tuesday and Friday, 8:40-10:00, BME102 Instructor: Joseph Freeman Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering 317 BME Building 732-445-4500 x6317 [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday, 10:30-11:30 AM Pre-Requisites: Engineering Mechanics (440:221 or equivalent) Text: Fundamentals of Biomechanics, Ozkaya and Nordin, ISBM 0-387-98283-3 Course Objectives: To understand the application of statics and strength of materials to biology, especially in orthopaedic biomechanics. To appreciate the special complexities that biomechanics introduces vs. traditional mechanics. Course Grading: Exams (3): 80% total Homework & Quizzes: 20% Course Policies: Portions of this course are electronic and administered through Sakai. If you are having problems accessing the course, please contact Dr. Freeman immediately. Generally, the course notes will be available on Sakai before class. I will add additional/ supplemental information in class Homework Homework assignments and solutions will be posted on Sakai. They are due by the beginning of class on the dates listed in the syllabus. I prefer that you hand it in electronically. If that is not feasible, or very tedious in terms of typing in equations or scanning pages, then a hardcopy is ok. If you hand in a hardcopy, make a photocopy just in case it gets misplaced. DO NOT HAND IN PART OF AN ASSIGNMENT ELECTRONICALLY AND PART AS A HARDCOPY. If you scan something that is handwritten MAKE SURE THAT IT IS READABLE. If it is too light to read or I cannot make out what you have written you will be marked down.
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I will usually grade 1 problem per problem set, of my choosing. If you hand the homework in on time and with a reasonable effort you get 50%. The other 50% is based on the graded problem. You may work in teams of up to 4 on the homework, but everyone is to hand in their own work – NO PHOTOCOPIES (or e-copies). Please include the names of those you worked with on the homework. Homework is due when the syllabus says it is due (by the start of class). Late homework will
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Biomech-Syllabus-Fall 2011 - 14:125:208 Introduction to...

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