HW_2_solutions - 1) Ozkaya a nd Nordin 4.2 P roblem 4.2 The...

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1) Ozkaya and Nordin 4.2 Problem 4.2 The uniform, horizontal beam shown in Figure 4.50 is hinged to the ground at A and supported by a frictionless roller at D. The distance between A and B is t = 4 m and the distance between A and D is d = 3 m. A force that makes an angle fi = 60 with the horizontal is applied at B. The magnitude of the applied force is P = 1000 N . The total weight of the beam is W = 400 N . By noting three-quarters of the beam is on the left of the roller support and one-quarter is on the right, calculate the z and v components of reaction forces on the beam at A and D. y 2) Ozkaya and Nordin 4.9 Problem 4.9 Figure 4.56 illustrates a person who is trying to pull a block on a horizontal surface using a rope. The rope makes an angle 0 with the horizontal. If W is the weight of the block and /i is the coefficient of maximum friction between the bottom surface of the block and horizontal surface, show that the magnitude P of minimu m force the person must apply in order to overcome the frictional and gravitational effects (to start moving the block) is: p = n w cos (* 4- n sin 6 Figure 4.56 Problem 4.9. 3) Name the different types of muscle and one example of each 4) What are the different types of contraction? 5) Muscle contraction is initiated by electrical stimulation, true or fales?
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HW_2_solutions - 1) Ozkaya a nd Nordin 4.2 P roblem 4.2 The...

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