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***NOTE: This is not an all-inclusive list of topics. It presents the major topics from the three chapters we have covered this week. Please keep in mind that any topic covered in class may appear on the exam.*** Textbook chapters on exam: Chapter 6: Distance and Size Perception Chapter 7: Color Chapter 8: Motion - Guest lectures on motion. Major Topics: Perceptual Constancies - Size constancy (Ch 6) - Color constancy (Ch 7) Depth Perception (Ch 6) - Pictorial depth cues - Binocular depth cues
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Unformatted text preview: -Theories of depth perception o Empiricist approach o Direct perception Size Perception (Ch 6)-How are depth cues used when perceiving size?-Emmerts Law-Holway and Boring (1941)-Explanations for size constancy-Illusions of size Theories of Color Vision (Ch 7)-Trichromatic theory-Opponent-process theory Individual Differences in Color Vision & Color Phenomena (Ch 7)-Color vision deficiencies-Simultaneous color contrast-Successive color contrast-Purkinje shift...
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