January 24 Lecture

January 24 Lecture - January 24, 2011 Evolution 2009...

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January 24, 2011 Evolution 2009 – Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday anniversary and 150 th anniversary of publishing the book Darwin is famous for Natural Selection Evolution – adaptation over time; inherited changes over time – passed down from one generation to another; from parent to offspring; we are passing down genes in our DNA What is change? – mutation change in DNA sequence; sexual reproduction (we are not perfect copies of our parents) GENE – discrete sequence of DNA that makes protein TIME – used to be millions of years but as more research is done, time could be as short as a generation; in animals it could be one hour – three days! History Middle Ages (5 th -14 th century) – dark, dirty Believed all organisms were arranged in a latter of life – “scala natural” (God was on top, humans, lowly worms on very bottom) Did not believe in extinction – last member of a species is dead; none remaining Thought things were immutable – unchangeable 1550s – more progressive; natural order (man on top, simple organisms on bottom) Nicolaus Copornicous – said sun was center of the universe; earth and man were not center Early 1800s – French scientist – George Cuvier – observed fossils in rocks; said fossils looked like animals; indicated extinction; fossils were anatomically different from live animals -Christian scientists did not agree with this 1822 – Gideon & Mary Ann Mantell – found rock in England of complete dinosaur skeleton -Dinosaur (Greek) – Dino = “fearfully great” -Sauras – lizard Christian scientists said these animals were too large to have gotten on Noah’s Arc so they drowned -Antideluvian – “before the flood” – Ante (Latin) – before -Diluvian – (Latin) – before deluge -Now this word means “very old” -This set stage for Charles Darwin -1809 – 1882 -failed Med school -got degree in theology -always a naturalist – hunting, dissection, bred pigeons
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January 24 Lecture - January 24, 2011 Evolution 2009...

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