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RU- Intro2Eco&Evo- NOTES_0303

RU- Intro2Eco&Evo- NOTES_0303 - INTRO TO ECOLOGY...

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INTRO TO ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION NOTES March 3, 2011 EVOLUTION OF DOMESTICATION Artificial selection: selective breeding of domesticated plants and animals What’s the difference between taming and domestication? Taming o Bred in the wild captured trained o Similar/identical as wild counterparts No wild counterparts for domesticated animals IMPORTANT Location, location, location! Climate Luck of certain species PLANT DOMESTICATION WHERE? 2 main areas worldwide where plants were domesticated o FERTILE CRESCENT Modern Countries Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iran o SE ASIA-CHINA WHEN? 13000 years ago Africa Humans survived; all plants imported Mesoamerica Central America WHY? What conditions? SO productive 13,000 years ago… Sea level stopped rising lush coastal plains “river valleys” o Dry summer o Wet winter PLANTS o Needed each seed to survive summer dry spells o Needed to survive long extended storage periods o
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