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Unformatted text preview: Arab-Israeli 3/7 07/03/2011 14:34:00 ← Exam: 4 out of 6 questions • No more than a page and a half for each • Questions on terms, context, events, etc. • The following is the concise necessary list of readings for the midterm exam on Wednesday: • Mitchell, Chs. 1,2 • Pruitt and Kim, Chs. 1-2 • Littlejohn and Domenici, Ch.1 • The text book B+K: Introduction, Chs. 1-2, pp. 1-67, Ch. 3, pp. 68-99, Ch. 4, pp. 100- 115, Ch. 5, pp. 116-135, Ch. 6, pp. 137-159, Ch. 7, pp. 160-182 Original Documents: Israeli Proclamation of Independence • UN Resolution 194 • UN Resolution 242 • Resolutions of Khartum Conference • The Palestinian National Covenant • Security Council Resolution 338 Example Questions : o 1. What are the three ways conflict can expand? Are they connected or are they mutually exclusive? Please provide one example for each case preferably from the Arab-Israeli conflict. 2. What were the reasons for the outbreak of the 1956 Sinai war, who participated in it and for what purposes and what were the consequences? ← ← 3/7 ← ← The Countdown to War (cont.’) See notes 3/2 for complete notes The UN resolution 242, November 22, 1967 • UN security council decided upon in the aftermath of the 6 Day War • The security council affirms that the fulfillment of charter principles requires: o Withdraw of Israeli armed forces occupied o Termination of all claims, states of belligerency, and the recognition of every state in the area’s boundaries and right to peace o Guaranteed ability of movement & resolution of the refugee state • Note: the first point, the withdrawal of Israeli armed forces, is the critical point, as the Arabs regard ALL area that the Israelis occupy belongs to them. o Each side can interpret this as it wills. o Continues the difference between reality and diplomacy ← ← The Palestinian – Israeli Conflict ← Palestinian National Council Meeting. PLO Covenant is published July 16, 1968 • Palestine finally realised that they would be the ones who would care the most about their own interests....
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Arab-Israeli3_7 - Arab-Israeli 3/7 07/03/2011 14:34:00 ←...

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