Intro to the Middle East Final

Intro to the Middle East Final - Intro to the Middle...

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Intro to the Middle East- 11/01 1500-1700- considered to be new era in the Middle east gunpowder era because of military and technological advances. (Europe, Africa, and Asia). Two main empires Ottomans and Safavids. Institutions were protected by the military, used to organize dynasties and stay in communication with each other. Turn into political regimes and combine different sub sectors that involve different aspects. Imperial dynasties- interested in acquiring more territory. Provided manuscripts which we use as historical evidence. After the fall of Abassids chaos and migrations from east to west. 16 th century World divided into 3 main Islamic Powers. Moguls- India. Sajavids-Persia and Ottomans- 3 Different Continents. Ottomans successful because Sharia law. 4 major sources. Quran, Hadith, Qiya, and Ijma. Qadi- judges that would enforce Islamic Law. Ottomans predominately feudal- urban centers that would provide various services. 11/04 4 Schools named after main theorists. Differ from one another. Practiced in Sunni countries. 1500-1800 time of the gunpowder empires, Ottomans advance economically, legally, politically and academically. Sajavid- Isfahan capital, Shiism state religion, involved in trade, Shiite preservation, system to convert non-Shiites to Shiism but also use advice from non Shia Persians. Emergence of Shia Ulama (religious aristocracy). Replace haj to Mecca with their own visit to Shiia shrines within the country. *institutionalize certain Shia events. Ottomans outlawed Shiism in their territories. Sufis- rid themselves of materialism, get closer to Allah from distinct rituals, religious
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Intro to the Middle East Final - Intro to the Middle...

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