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11/3 The Long-term carbon cycle Organic carbon Biological pump Carbon burial in sedimentary rocks Maintenance of atmospheric O2 Formation of fossil fuel Weathering of organic carbon in rocks Inorganic carbon Carbonic acid in precipitation and soils Chemical weathering o Carbonate rocks o Silicate rocks Subduction and decarbonation Long-term feedbacks in inorganic carbon cycle Deep water is acquiring carbon o Biological pump CO2 is produced in deep ocean. . colder the water is the more CO2 solution it can hold Long-term burial of some organic carbon in sedimentary rocks removes that
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Unformatted text preview: carbon from the carbon cycle for an indefinite period Maintenance of atmospheric O2 • The long term… Carbonic acid in precipitation and soils • Rain water contains dissolved CO2 and therefore contains carbonic acid H2CO3 • The carbonic acid can dissociate to form bicarbonate ions Long-term inorganic carbon cycle Silicate weathering on land carbonate precipitation and sedimentation in oceans subduction and decarbonation in crust and mantle Plate tectonics Long-term feedbacks...
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