Class 4 - Ethics in Public Administration (ch 11)

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 11 Chapter Ethics and Public Ethics Administration Administration 1 Ethics are… Ethics Grounded in Greek traditions Teleological – consequences are the most Teleological critical factor critical Deontological – motives and intentions are Deontological most critical factors most A set of normative guidelines directing at set resolving conflicts of interest resolving Administrative Ethics Administrative Rights and duties of individual behavior when Rights it can affect others or society it Conditions that collective practices and Conditions policies should satisfy policies Specific factors often difficult to pinpoint Personal values or traits Organizational characteristics/culture Machiavellianism Machiavellianism The ‘getting the job done’ regardless of The the potential consequences philosophy the The Prince written in 1532, still holds true The today today Examples Watergate Abu Grhaib Prison, Iraq SC Governor Mark Stanford Scooter Libby IL Governor Rod Blagojevich And on and on…. Bureaucracy and Ethics Bureaucracy Max Weber’s bureaucratic model Failed to realize impact of personal interests Bureaucracies separate administrators from Bureaucracies the problems and therefore not empathetic the Leads to blindly following authority and Leads ignores ethical standards ignores 5 The Need for Administrative Ethics The The center of unethical behavior – The decisions made on convenience decisions Challenge – balance diverse and Challenge competing demands competing Organizational loyalty, responsiveness to Organizational public needs, consideration of employees’ own objectives own Public employee choice – obey policy or serve Public needs of clients? needs 6 Condoning Corruption Condoning May not think about it this way, but how do May you ‘payback’ government for your dissatisfaction? dissatisfaction? Misrepresenting eligibility for public assistance, Misrepresenting show up to work late or leave early, checking personal email on work computer, etc personal Condoning this behavior lowers the moral Condoning and ethical bar and Deterrents Office logs 7 Formal Rules and Bureaucratic Discretion Formal ‘inner-face’ – the informal rules ‘outer-face’ – the official rulebook The ‘outer-face’ is not always realistic – The organization can’t live or die by it organization The ‘inner-face’ helps maintain flexibility Don’t let pet projects get too much power The best method – good judgment and The discretion through proper channels discretion Discretion does not mean falsification 8 What to do with complaints What In-house corrective mechanisms Most organizations have that now Anonymous tip or “whistle” This was used to blow up Watergate Has to be pretty big for press to care though Whistleblowing works but often comes with Whistleblowing negative consequences negative Resign as a test Threaten resignation but be prepared for your Threaten bluff to be called! bluff Resigned, retired or fired It’s all in the timing!!!! 9 Principles of Ethics for Public Employees Principles Public service is a public trust Don’t have conflicting financial interests Don’t improperly use nonpublic information Don’t accept gifts or other items of monetary Don’t value value Put forth honest effort Don’t make agreements that bind Don’t government government Don’t use public office for private gain 10 Principles of Ethics for Public Employees Principles Act impartially Protect and conserve government property Protect and resources and Don’t engage in conflicting outside Don’t employment employment Disclose waste, fraud, abuse, corruption Satisfy in good faith your civic duties Adhere to all laws and regulations Avoid activity that could be considered Avoid unethical or a conflict of interest unethical 11 Next Week… Next Chapter 5 – Politics and Public Administration GUEST SPEAKER!!! 12 ...
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