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Discussion Board 2 - The scene begins as Harry Potter and...

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The scene begins as Harry Potter and Hagrid enter a local pub in Diagon Alley. As they walk in diegetic music is heard and everybody is laughing and enjoying their time. At 0:34, the bartender realizes that the little boy is Harry Potter and replies with an effective statement, “Bless my soul, it’s Harry Potter.” As soon as the bartender finishes his exclamation the music stops and everybody in the pub turns silent and reverses their attention to Harry Potter. This halt in sound expresses characterization and underlies the extravagance and notoriety Harry Potter covets with the locals. The music and commotion picks up again as Harry gets introduced to the scheming and unworthy Professor Quirrell. At 1:30 the clip presumes to the brick wall at Diagon Alley. As Hagrid authorizes the wall to open, exciting and anxious non-diegetic background music begins to be heard. At 2:00 the music transitions into a more familiar sound, which is used often during uplifting moments in the movie. This non-diegetic music continues to play as
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