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Andrew Coppa In Art 200 4/15/11 Response Paper This paper is in response to Frank Valente’s paper: Frank Valente decided to write his position paper of a culture-changing musician on the rapper Eminem; more commonly know for his stage name Eminem. The focus of his paper is centered on the fact that Eminem is a white rapper in an industry dominated by black males. While this is plausible, it is not the motive for why he would be a groundbreaking artist. It is troublesome to call Eminem a culture and society-changing artist, due to the fact that his career isn’t finished. Some may say he is just reaching the prime of his career. When we look at defined culture changing musicians such as Elvis Presley and The Beatles, we examine all their accomplishments they had during the reign; we can’t determine this with Eminem because he is still riding the top of the charts. There is no denying the fact that Eminem is an influential musician and artist, but to claim that he made significant changes to our culture and society due to the fact that he
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