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Andrew Coppa Psych 100 – Section 2 Brainstorm #1 For most people who smoke cigarettes, a main factor of why they smoke is because they are stressed. As a college student many of my peers smoke cigarettes and both my parents smoke cigarettes. Through experiences I’ve witnessed when my mother or my friend are in a stressful situation or are under stress they reach for a cigarette. To test the correlation between these two variables, case studies would be the best descriptive method to use. A survey is too broad and not specific enough to test these two variables. To conduct this study I would chose 20 casual smoking (less than 5 cigarettes a day) participants; 5 males who are college students, 5 male adults over the age of 30, 5 female college students and 5 female adults over the age of 30. There are many ways to test stress, but for this study a stress monitor would be attached to the participant. Every time the participant is under stress the monitor will beep. A stress monitor would be the
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