Department-Based Energy Metering

Department-Based Energy Metering - CE 491 Sustainable...

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March 17, 2011 Seth Broster CE 491: Sustainable Energy Scott Clary Michelle Huntley Brent Klapthor Ben Rainey Daniel Wurst Department-Based Energy Metering Group Project Topic: Our project will explore ways to record energy usage for individual buildings so that opportunities for energy reduction can be identified. There are 3 main objectives of our project. First, to make the cost and consequences of using utilities tangible. The second objective is to reduce Clemson University’s carbon footprint by decreasing overall carbon emissions. Third, to affect the University’s bottom-line and save money by saving energy. This project will also investigate ideas to provide both qualitative and quantitative incentives that encourage department-wide energy savings and reinvest a portion of the savings back into the University, potentially for additional energy saving projects. The Bigger Picture: Currently, the energy bill for all of the individual buildings excluding Housing and Athletic Facilities is grouped together with a total electric bill of $4.8 million per year (based off FY 2008-2009). There is no current method of accountability or awareness of energy usage. Data gathered from the Department of Resources and Process Improvement illustrates the problem. In the summer, Lee Hall has no classes. During this time, University faculty and staff occupy only 5% of the total occupancy of this building. In the summer of 2009, the Lee Hall electric bill for May, June, and July was $6K, $11K, and $9K respectively. Clemson loses approximately $25K each summer through cooling and lighting Lee Hall for faculty and staff. Lehotsky Hall provides another illustration of the problem. Lehotsky Hall houses only eight courses during the
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Department-Based Energy Metering - CE 491 Sustainable...

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