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Homework 7 - 2) Discuss the primary benefits and drawbacks...

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ChE 321 – Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II Homework 7 – Due Wednesday 4/13/2011 beginning of class 1) E&L 11.33 a, b use excel to model the data and determine the adjustable parameters. Plot the data (points) and model (lines) on a P-x-y plot and an γ-x-y plot.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Discuss the primary benefits and drawbacks of using the following Excess Gibbs models as they apply to different systems: a. Scatchard-Hildebrand Regular Solution Theory b. One-Parameter Margules c. Wilsons d. NRTL 3) E&L 12.1 4) E&L 12.2 (use T = 298 K)...
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