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Prob. 1a - Instructions Page 1 Welcome to GAMMAFIT.XLS...

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Unformatted text preview: Instructions Page 1 Welcome to GAMMAFIT.XLS There are five worksheets to help in fitting activity coefficient. The worksheets use the Margules equation, but can easily be reprogrammed for other models. P-x-y fit P Use this worksheet to fit P-x-y data or prepare P-x-y plot from literature fit. P-x-y Plot Automatic plot generated from 'P-x-y fit P' T-x-y fit P Use this worksheet to fit to T-x-y data or enter data for T-x-y plot. The pressure is fit to adjust the parameters. T--x-y Calc T This worksheet calculates the bubble temperatures from the data entered in 'T-x-y fit P'. Use this to generate the T-x-y plot after data is fit in "T-x-y fit P'. T-x-y Plot Automatic plot generated from 'T-x-y fit P' and 'T-x-y Calc T'. Plot formats: Plot Data Series: See the text appendix for additional hints on plotting multiple data sets. For the T-x-y plot you will need to reset the data series for each new system. To do this, =SERIES(,'T-x-y Calc T'!$A$18:$A$43,'T-x-y Calc T'!$G$18:$G$43,1) where the worksheet and cells are referenced for the coordinates to be plotted. 2) Highlight an entire reference, (e.g. 'T-x-y Calc T'!$A$18:$A$43), by dragging the mouse. 3) Click on the worksheet tab that the data should come from, (e.g. "T-x-y Calc T'). 4) Drag over the desired range. Repeat for the other data sets. Copyright 1997, Carl Lira For use with "An Introduction to Applied Thermodynamics" by J.R. Elliott, C.T. Lira When viewing a chart, Right click on a data set or axis to modify. 1) Left click on the data series. In the forumula bar, the formula will look something like: Prob 1a Page 2 P-x-y fit Pressure Margules Equation Using Modified Raoult's Law Sheet must be unprotected to use Solver Instructions: 1) provide system component names, system T, and either/or Antione coefficients or experimental vapor pressures. Note: cell references 2) Enter data in columns A, E(optional), F(optional), and I . Data may be entered in rows 20 through 211. in instructions are 3) Set initial guesses for activity model parameters in D17 and E17. outdated if rows or 4) Specify in M21 whether to use experimental or calculated vapor pressure. columns are added 5) Unprotect sheet. or deleted. 7) Protect sheet when done to avoid inadvertent changes. 8) Printing: By default, Excel will want to include to about row 61 since it isnt empty. To override the default, highlight the desired print range, then choose File...PrintClick the 'Selection' radio button. 9) See the INSTRUCTIONS worksheet for hints on updating the plot for new data sets. Antoine Coefficents Calculated Expt Selected System Components Parameters to adjust A B C (1) methanol T(C) 1 8.08097 1582.271 239.726 1915.24784 60.7 1915.2478408 (2) Benzene 1.853575 1.641753 90 2 6.87987 1196.76 219.161 1020.65088 32.1 1020.6508846 <---optional-----> 1 6.382596 1 1 1 1020 1020.651 0.42365075 0.117 0.883 4.081913 1.027979 0.502 0.498 0.496807 0.503193 1865 1841.142 569.22159 1 0.257 0.743 2.61996 1.1379482....
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Prob. 1a - Instructions Page 1 Welcome to GAMMAFIT.XLS...

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