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ChE 321 – Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II Homework 2 – Due Wednesday 2/9/2010 You may want to photocopy your homework to use to prepare for the exam. Solutions will be posted following class. 1) Use the residual (departure) Gibbs energy, to develop the following relationship for vapor pressure: 2) Use the above relation to determine P sat for ethane at 20°C. Use the van der Waals EOS for ethane at these conditions. (Hint: this is an iterative process) 3) 2 L of an antifreeze solution is needed and methanol and water are available. What volumes of pure methanol and water are needed to prepare a 30 mol% methanol in water
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Unformatted text preview: solution at 25°C? The partial molar volumes of each at 30 mol % methanol in water and 25°C are given, as well as, the pure component molar volumes at 25°C. Methanol (1) Water (2) 4) (20 pts) The enthalpy of a binary liquid system of components 1 and 2 at a fixed T and P is given by the following relation: a) Determine expressions for and as a function of . b) Determine values of pure component enthalpies H 1 and H 2 . c) Determine values for partial enthalpies at infinite dilution and ....
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