Concert List B Paper

Concert List B Paper - For my second concert, I chose to...

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For my second concert, I chose to attend the CU Bands Pass-in-Review Extravaganza. This concert featured the Clemson University Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Marching Band. The bands each played for approximately thirty minutes, giving the audience a taste of what they have been working on during the fall semester. The Symphonic Band began with Pulse , written by Andrew Boysen. The song follows one twenty-four hour cycle. Boysen uses sharp dynamic contrasts, rich melodies, and perfectly- placed articulation to symbolize the rising of the sun, the day’s activities, the setting of the sun, the nightlife and finally the pre-dawn period. The beginning of the piece was slurred and played very slow to show the waking period and rising of the sun. Boysen uses short, concise accents and a moderato speed to symbolize the day’s activities. The setting of the sun, or evening period returns to the slower, slurred notes and then Boysen uses a piece-wide crescendo, allegro speed, quick but heavy accents, and bright brass melodies to give a musical picture of the night life. Finally, as the night winds down, the slurred notes return and the piece gradually slows down and decrescendos to end the night. The Symphonic band then moved to their second piece,
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Concert List B Paper - For my second concert, I chose to...

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