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Mom's edits Concert List A paper (Rockapella)-1 - Be n...

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Be n Rainey 9/ 9/08 Co ncert Paper List A Rockapella is a group of five men who sing s in the genre of a capella . A capella means that they sing entirely without music accompaniment, but this group often creates a full band sound using only vocals. The quality of sound the men created was extremely high. It is astonishing to realize that the sounds an audience member hears are created entirely with vocals. Rockapella was formed in 1986 although none of the original members is currently with the group. Kevin Wright, John Brown, and Scott Leonard do most of the actual singing for the group and generally sing in alto pitch. George Baldi, the coolest member of Rockapella by far, is considered a “super-bass” and usually handles the walking bass line and creates rich, smooth chords. He did, however, demonstrate that he could sing Whitney Houston in a rather high octave. Jeff Thacher was described as “the Mozart of spit.” More professionally, he is a termed a mouth drummer and his virtuosity forms the funky rhythmic heartbeat of Rockapella. The performance opened with a number of Rockapella’s original songs.
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Mom's edits Concert List A paper (Rockapella)-1 - Be n...

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