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Character Physical Characteristics Psychological Characteristics Emotional Characteristics Character Family Interests and Hobbies Other Interesting Facts Don Giovanni Don Giovanni women, sex Leporello small, unattractive Leporello likes money Donna Anna attractive, delicate Donna Anna Don Ottavio Don Ottavio Donna Elvira attractive, calm features Donna Elvira Zerlina Zerlina peasant Masetto young, plain jealous, in love with Zerlina, Masetto peasant Career/Income Source young, handsome, tall, elegant, immoral, has an insatiable appetite for women, thinks about things in terms of how it will benefit him or how he can get a woman, sophisticated stubborn, snobbish, flashy, egotistical Leporello is servant, but no real family that was evident in opera inherited everything, nobleman He is in constant pursuit of the ladies, tries to lure Zerlina away from Masetto, and tries to rape Donna Anna and kills Commendatore, makes the choices that directly benefit him; arias confirm characteristics because in the arias he is loud, boisterous, forward, and always in dominant position
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