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Exam 1 Guide - STUDY GUIDE Exam 1 STS 101 FALL 2008 DR....

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STUDY GUIDE Exam 1 STS 101 FALL 2008 DR. DIGRIUS REQUIRED READINGS FOR EXAM ; 1. What is author’s argument 2. What is author using for support VOLTI CHAPTERS: 1-5 MILLS ARTICLE 1. The social context of a society determines how that society sees the world of science and technology; describing how humans have thought of techno over the years and how this thought has progressed 2. Nature as a Book (Middle Ages) a. Bibliocentric, Theocentric b. Nature is perfect c. Read nature like a book d. Bernard de Clairvaux d.i. “trees and stones are best teacher” d.i.1. Trees have life-cycle (like humans) d.i.2. Rocks are permanent, can tell where they’ve been (like aged people, wrinkles) e. Textual organization of landscapes, ornate (like a fairy tale) art 3. Nature as Man (Renaissance) a. Man has free choice/free will so he is different from everything else b. Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” shows the body as an art form c. Anthropocentric d. Nature, like humans, is imperfect and has blemishes e. Use humans to describe nature (ft of mtn, mouth of river, neck of land) f. Realism, mining was suspect b/c they viewed earth as man(w/ circulatory system) 4. Nature as a Machine (Modern) a. Machines work by all parts making unified whole b. View nature mechanically (there to be manipulated for our benefit) c. Machines must have maker (Man) d. Machines must purpose (technology bigger than science) d.i. Research and Development, D bigger WINNER ARTICLE 1. We are often blinded by progress and experience technological somnambulism…we simply use technology but do not study and understand why it works…technology is also used for good and bad (law has been stretched creating new offenses/offenders) 2. Technology may be progressing so fast that simple tasks are actually complicated by the presence of a technological device 3. Technology can be seen as a cause and everything/everyone that follows can be seen as an effect
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4. Technology radically alters the way in which we do things(tv is babysitter) 5. Proves that technological progress is often different from progress in general …connected to Postman describing how technological progress now means moral, social, and psychic progress but that not all modern technology really meets these standards. Winner's article also links to the theme of technology as a subversive force in the idea that technological objects often create worlds of their own (example of driver/pedestrian and the collision of their two worlds). Winner's article seems to connect to Technological fixes and science in popular culture as well. MORRISON ARTICLE 1. Many world-side problems require non-technological analysis if they are to be resolved (wars originate with humans, not technology) 2. Technological “fixes” – finding technological solutions to social problems a. Heroin addiction (methadone) b. Graffiti (paint/cleaning solution) c. Save us effort of looking at problems from new vantage points d. Terrorism growing b/c we try to stop with technology instead of
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Exam 1 Guide - STUDY GUIDE Exam 1 STS 101 FALL 2008 DR....

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