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final project write-up

final project write-up - CES 102-028 What team are we...

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12-2-08 CES 102-028 What team are we? Everyone fill in their name Phase I of the project called for a device being built that would measure and/or set the tension on a wire. A guitar string was used as a wire for this project. Instructions for assembling a desired device, using the device to gather the desired data, and performing the necessary calculations to obtain either tension on the wire or distance from the fulcrum are shown below. Instructions for Replications of Device 1. Create the base with a sturdy piece of wood. Drill two holes on each side of the beam a couple of inches from the end. 2. Take two more pieces of wood and bolt them into the holes on either side of the base so that they are standing straight up, perpendicular to both the base and the floor. These are the sides of the device. 3. Drill a hole at the top of each side directly across from each other. 4. Using another piece of wood that is at least seventy-five centimeters long, drill two holes on each side, five centimeters from the end.
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