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CH E 211: Introduction to Chemical Engineering Homework 2: Due Friday, September 4, 2009 at beginning of class Conduct an interview with a chemical engineering student who has completed CH E 211. (The student lounge is a good place to find fellow ChEs.) Introduce yourself, write down her/his name, and ask for two specific “facts” about taking CH E 211. Good specific example: On average, each homework problem will take about 30 minutes, so
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Unformatted text preview: plan ahead. Poor example: The tests are easy. Complete the following problems in Felder and Rousseau: 3.17 The feed to an ammonia… 3.23 A mixture of methane… 3.28 A 5.00-wt% aqueous… 3.32 Perform the following pressure… 3.39 A housing development… 3.43 A fluid of unknown density… 3.50 A thermocouple is a… 3.51 A thermostat control with…...
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