090903 APP Statement - Lacey Act Amendment

090903 APP Statement - Lacey Act Amendment - Jakarta,...

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Jakarta, September 3 rd 2009 Letter to Stakeholder Lacey Act Amendment Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) welcomes last year’s amendments to the United States’ Lacey Act as we believe it complements the Indonesian government’s actions and policies to promote trade in legally harvested wood and, by extension, sustainable forest management, legal compliance throughout the supply chain and the development of industry-wide standards. APP has reviewed the amended Lacey Act carefully and is monitoring the implementation of its import declaration requirement. We note in this regard that a notice published in the Federal Register on September 2 nd 2009 delayed indefinitely the implementation of the declaration requirement for imported paper. We have also initiated a dialogue with relevant U.S. government agencies to discuss how the import declaration requirements will apply to APP’s operations; specifically aspects related to local and imported composite material content. Regardless of the results of these ongoing
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