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C1 Images - Art History I Stokstad Chapter One Images...

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Art History I Stokstad, Chapter One: Images Christine Tate, Ph.D. Woman from Willendorf , Austria c. 24,000 B.C.E., Upper Paleolithic Limestone with red ochre (4 3/8") SIGNIFICANCE: -Sculpture in the round; reliefs also made in this period -Subtractive but navel was part of the stone itself, not carved -Monumental seems large but actually very small -Nomadic people typically make very small/portable artifacts -"Hair"=abstract/highly stylized -No distinct facial features -Distinctly female non-sex-specific parts are small or absent -Emphasis on breasts and belly have led some think it is symbolic of fertility -Purpose unknown [self]portrait? ideal beauty? erotic? ancestor? doll? -Iconography unknown—prehistoric -Many such examples of small figures of women in various proportions -Other figures are male (less common) or animals -Other figures are made of ivory, bone, or clay as well as stone -Formerly called "Venus" implied religious function cannot be verified
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  • Spring '97
  • unknown
  • Willendorf, pertinent information, -Other figures, -Distinctly femalenon-sex-specific parts, stone post-and-lintel construction

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