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Art History I Stokstad, Chapter Three: Vocabulary Christine Tate, Ph.D. Upper Egypt=South of Lower Egypt—It’s based the way the Nile flows, i.e., north Dynasty—a series of rulers from the same line Old, Middle, & New Kingdoms—3 long periods of relative unity and stability in Ancient Egyptian History—divided into numbered Dynasties—1-26 before the first of two Persian conquests, followed by the Greeks (Alexander conquered; his general Ptolemy ruled after his death) and the Romans (who defeated the last Greek ruler, Cleopatra) Delta—triangular area of land (created by sedimentary deposits) at the mouths of some rivers Papyrus—reed fashioned into sheets of… paper —also a symbol of Lower Egypt Hieroglyphs—the earliest Egyptian writing Rosetta Stone—stele fragment recovered by the French in 1799 (though not translated until 1822) on which are inscribed three passages of the same text in different forms—Hieroglyphic writing, Demotic (another form of Egyptian writing), and
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