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Art History I Stokstad, Chapter Four: Vocabulary Christine Tate, Ph.D. Aegean—the sea between Modern Greece and Turkey and the six groups of islands in it, plus the island of Crete—also the name for prehistoric Bronze Age civilizations here Peloponnese—the largest peninsula of modern Greece; location of the Mycenaean citadel for which the mainland Helladic culture is named Helladic—of or from the Bronze Age civilization in Greece (before the “Classical” Greeks) Hellenistic—related to Greek culture (typically outside of Greece) after the death of Alexander Cyclades (Cycladic)—an archipelago in the Aegean (and the prehistoric culture there)- Crete—the largest and southernmost Aegean island "Palace"—name of the large structure at Knossos Minoan—name of the civilization based on Crete, after Minos, the mythical king whose wife bore the Minotaur Sir Arthur Evans—archeologist who excavated, named, and reconstructed Knossos, c. 1900 Dressed stone—stone which has been shaped and smooth, usually rectangular
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