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C5 Vocab & Notes - Art History I Stokstad Chapter...

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Art History I Stokstad, Chapter Five: Vocabulary & Notes Christine Tate, Ph.D. Greek art = PERFECTION & Humanism—"Man is the measure of all things." (Protagoras) TIME PERIODS : Aegean "Dark Age": 1100-900 B.C.E., transition from Mycenaean era Proto-Geometric: 1000-900 B.C.E., pots are decorated with linear bands & concentric circles Geometric: 900-700, B.C.E., Abstract figures, geometric patterns—idealized Orientalizing: 700-600 B.C.E., Highly stylized figures, Mesopotamian influence—idealized Archaic: 600-480 B.C.E., Stylized figures—idealized Transitional/Early Classical/Severe: 480-450 B.C.E., Increasingly naturalistic figures—idealized Classical: 450-323 B.C.E., Fully realistic figures—idealized Hellenistic 323-30 B.C.E., Expressionistic figures/exaggerated Classicism—idealized Dates you MUST know: 480 B.C.E. Persian sack of Athens—marks the end of the Archaic period 323 B.C.E. Death of Alexander the Great—marks the beginning of the Hellenistic era VASE PAINTING : Slip
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