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C6 Notes - Art History Chapter Six General Notes Christine...

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Art History Chapter Six: General Notes Christine Tate. Ph.D. ROMAN ART WAS CHIEFLY CONCERNED WITH POLITICS & PORTRAITURE Dates to know: 509 B.C.E. Rome rebels against Etruscan rulers; Republic established 27 B.C.E. Founding of Roman Empire 330 C.E. Constantine moves the capital of the Empire east to Constantinople (now Istanbul) 476 C.E The “fall” of the Western “half” of the Empire Political Figures: Augustus and Livia: First Emperor and Empress of Rome Hadrian: Emperor and great patron of the arts in general and the Pantheon in particular Constantine the Great: Emperor who supported Christianity and move the capital to Constantinople Mythologial Figures : Aeneas Trojan son of Venus, patriarch of the family that founded Rome Romulus and Remus, twin sons of Mars; Romulus slew his brother and named the city after himself Roman Religion included : Roman deities: e.g., Fortuna, the goddess of Fortune, and Janus, god of beginnings and endings Greek gods (with Roman names): e.g., Venus (Aphrodite), Mars (Aries), and Jupiter (Zues)
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