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C8 Notes - Art History I Chapter Eight General Notes...

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Art History I Chapter Eight: General Notes Christine Tate, Ph.D. “Purity of [hand]writing is purity of the soul.” Dates: 610 C.E. Muhammad received his first revelations from God 622 C.E. Hjira (emigration) from Mecca to Medina, the official beginning of Islam 1453 C.E. Byzantine Empire fell to the Ottoman Turks, who renamed the capital Istanbul 1492 C.E Last Muslim-held territory in Spain conquered Vocabulary: Koran: The holy book of Islam, the word of Allah, told to his most recent prophet, Muhammad Hadith: A book about Muhammad including accounts of his words and deeds Aniconic ornamentation: A[n] = without + Icon = picture: Non-objective decoration “Arabesque”: Old-fashioned term for a design of intricate repeated compound curves Kaaba: A cube-shaped stone structure in Mecca, the most sacred Islamic shrine—by tradition, built by Abraham; also associated with Adam Mosque: Literally, “A place for prayer” Pier: Non-round support (as opposed to a column) Ambulatory: Open passage through which one may walk
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