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Art History I Stokstad, Chapters Eleven Images Christine Tate, Ph.D. Pagoda and Kondo (Golden Hall) Horyu-ji Compound, Nara Prefecture c.670 C.E. Wood, Pagoda =122‘ tall Womb World Mandala c. 880 C.E. Hanging Scroll, ink and colors on silk, 6' Jocho Amida Buddha, Phoenix Hall, Byodo-in c. 1053 C.E. Gold leaf and lacquer on joined wood, 9’8” tall
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Unformatted text preview: Album Leaf from the Ishiyama-gire ( Anthology of Thirty-Six Poets ) c. 1110 C.E. Ink with gold and silver on decorated and collaged paper, 8.3” x 6.3” Genji, Nyosan, and the Infant Kaoru, Illustration from the Tale of Genji c. 1150 C.E. Paper Handscroll, 8.5” high...
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