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Class Participation-Attendance Survey

Class Participation-Attendance Survey - Other 4 I know that...

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Art History I NAME: __________________________________ Christine Tate, Ph.D. Class Participation/Attendance Survey 1. I believe my class participation grade is currently: _______ (Enter a letter grade here.) 2. I recognize that I could do the following things to improve my class participation grade: _____ Come to class prepared everyday. _____ Pay close attention during class. _____ Answer questions. _____ Ask questions. _____ Share observations. _____ Other: ____________________________________________________ 3. I recognize that I could do the following things to improve my grade in general: _____ Come to class prepared everyday. _____ Be on time everyday. _____ Take notes in class everyday. _____ Use study aids. _____ Seek help during office hours. _____ Form/join a study group.
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Unformatted text preview: _____ Other: ____________________________________________________ 4. I know that I lose three points from my final grade for each unexcused absence and that three latenesses equal one unexcused absence. I also realize that I will get a three-point bonus on my final grade for perfect attendance (no absences, excused or unexcused, and no latenesses) for the semester. At this point, my attendance will: _____ Add three points to my final grade. _____ Not affect my final grade positively or negatively. _____ Subtract _________ points from my final grade. 5. I realize that: _____ Leaving and returning during class counts as a lateness. _____ The Met tour is ten percent of my semester grade. Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: ______________...
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