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EMPLOYEE DIRECT DEPOSIT AUTHORIZATION I hereby authorize my employer, Eagle Ridge Paper, Inc., (hereinafter “COMPANY”) and its payroll processor to deposit any amounts owed to me by initiating credit entries to my account at the financial institution (hereinafter “BANK”) indicated below. I authorize BANK to accept and to credit any credit entries indicated by the COMPANY or payroll processor. to my account. In the event that COMPANY or payroll processor deposits funds erroneously into my account, I authorize COMPANY or payroll processor to debit my account for an amount not to exceed the original amount of the erroneous credit. Employee Name ___________________ Social Security #______ - ______ - ______ [ ] Begin Deposit [ ] Change Information
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Unformatted text preview: [ ] Cancel Bank Name ________________________________________ City _____________________________ State __________________ Zip _________ Checking : I wish to deposit (check one) [ ] $_______.00 [ ] _______%Net [ ] Entire Pay Savings : I wish to deposit (check one) [ ] $_______.00 [ ] _______%Net [ ] Entire Pay Please submit a void check, Bank Letter or Specification Sheet in order to verify the bank a/c numbers and routing #. This authorization is to remain in full force and effect until COMPANY and BANK have received written notice from me and its determination in such a matter as to afford COMPANY and BANK a reasonable opportunity to act on it. Employee Signature _______________________ Date ______/______/______...
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