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6/24/2011 Page 1 Articulation Agreement by Major Effective during the 10-11 Academic Year To: UCLA |From: Coastline Community College Quarter| Semester ================================================================================ ====International Development Studies/B.A.==== Listed below are the lower division preparation courses for the major. THIS MAJOR IS HIGHLY SELECTIVE. Transfer students are admitted as Pre-International Development Studies majors and must apply to the International Development Studies major after their first term at UCLA. Transfer applicants must ____ complete a minimum of six ___ lower division major preparatory courses by the spring term prior to admission. All courses must be taken for a letter grade. For more information regarding this major and UCLA's transfer selection process, visit and respectively. PLEASE NOTE: The community college courses listed below have been approved to satisfy the preparation requirements for this major at UCLA, but they may not be exact equivalents of the UCLA courses listed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two courses from: | Two courses from: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ECON 1 Principles of (4)|ECON C185 Principles of (3) Economics(Microeconomics) | Economics (Micro) OR | OR ECON 2 Principles of (4)|ECON C180 Principles of (3) Economics(Macroeconomics) | Economics (Macro) OR | OR GEOG 4 Globalization: Regional (5)|No course articulated
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