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Intro Vocabulary - Art History I Stokstad Introduction...

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Unformatted text preview: Art History I Stokstad, Introduction: Vocabulary Christine Tate, Ph.D. You will be expected to use these terms correctly and to define them in writing with examples. ICONOGRAPHYthe study of symbols and their meaning in art CONNOISSEURSHIPthe application of knowledge, training, and a discriminating eye PROVENANCErecord of ownership of a work of art, its biography CANON/CANONICALliterally, according to the rule or law; in art, the works accepted as worthy of study GENREkind or type, usually applied to subject matter in painting (landscape, religious, etc.) GENREa genre in painting, a scene from everyday life MEDIUMthat with/in which a work is made (marble, oil paint, twist ties, etc.) CIRCA (c.)approximately (for use with dates only) AESTHETICSthe philosophy or study of beauty and art PATRONone who funds the production of art FORM & CONTENTthe two basic ingredients in any work of art FORMAL ELEMENTS(In art, formal means of or pertaining to form, not the prom)including point, line,...
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