Met Object Assignment Fall 09

Met Object Assignment Fall 09 - YOU MUST SUBMIT THIS ENTIRE...

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Unformatted text preview: YOU MUST SUBMIT THIS ENTIRE PACKET WITH YOUR COMPLETED ASSIGNMENT! Art History I NAME: ____________________________________ Christine Tate, Ph.D. Met Object Assignment: Formal Analysis While you are conducting your self-guided tour of the artifacts reproduced in Stokstad, look for a DETAILED FIGURATIVE SCULPTURE that meets the following criteria: A.) From Chapters 2, 3, 5, or 6 ( Mesopotamian, Persian, Egyptian, Greek, or Roman )ONLY B.) NOT reproduced or referred to in Stokstad C.) NOT listed individually on the Self-Guided Tour D.) NOT selected by another DCAD student E.) Something that has a substantially intact FACE F.) Something that has a STRONG PERSONALITY G.) Something that has A COMPLETE MUSEUM LABEL H.) Something you like enough to spend hours thinking about it Copy verbatim (word for word) the entire label for the object AND the names of the case, section, and/or room in which you find it. DO NOT SELECT AN ARTIFACT THAT DOES NOT HAVE COMPLETE IDENTIFICATION! There is space at the end of this packet for the label information. Take exhaustively detailed notes describing the object. If you dont take enough notes, you will not have sufficient material to write your paper. You will be sad. Sketch your object carefully. Also sketch details and describe colors and textures for your reference as you write. Use all of the spaces in this packet. (Photography is not permitted in all exhibits, so do not count on using your camera.) Remember that just as writing is a way of thinking, drawing is a way of seeing ; both will help you to understand your object. Therefore, I WILL NOT ACCEPT DRAWINGS BASED ON PHOTOGRAPHS, AND I WILL PROBABLY BE ABLE TO TELL. I will collect and grade all of your notes and sketches for this assignment . ANSWER ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS IN NOTE FORM AS COMPLETELY AS POSSIBLE: Where is your eye drawn first? Why? What are the shapes and proportions of the face? What do the eyes convey about the subject? What does the nose convey about the subject? 2 What do the mouth and chin convey about the subject? What do ears convey about the subject? How do the facial features relate to each other? Which features are most emphasized? How? Why? What does the shape of the head convey?...
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Met Object Assignment Fall 09 - YOU MUST SUBMIT THIS ENTIRE...

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